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Caritas Medical Center 27.01.2020

A bomb has been planted and exploded by anti-government protesters at Caritas Medical Center's A&E toilet facilities. Such incident have happened 3 times in 48 hours.

A few hours after the explosion, a message was posted on Telegram, an encrypted messaging app used by anti-government protesters, saying the latest attack was “just a warning” and “there will be more real bombs to come”, as closing Hong Kong’s borders with the mainland was the only way to prevent the coronavirus outbreak from worsening in the city.

At the day after, another bomb explosion has happened in a toilet in Jordan (Source).

An improvised explosive device was discovered in a rubbish bin at the Shenzhen Bay Control Point on Tuesday morning, just 12 hours after a Hong Kong public toilet was set ablaze by a suspected home-made bomb, making it the third such incident in the past 48 hours. (Source)

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