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3D Reconstruction of the 1.13 Yau Tong Falling Man Suicide / Accident

With full respect of the deceased, the intention of this article is to assess available evidence and to determine the most likely sequence of events precipitating this accident / suicide.

With the help of a 3D Animation professional with 15+ years of humanoid animating experience, we've reconstructed the full scene of the incident.

Special thanks to @Anonylyzer13 for his collaboration. Please follow him on twittter.

Key points:

1. He's obviously conscious otherwise his head's direction won't be like this. And if he's conscious and he's shown no sign of struggle, it is most likely that he climbed out on his own volition.

2. It is likely that he threw down his backpack out of the window first (to warn people below that he is going to jump) .

3. In Hong Kong, most buildings managers lock their rooftop.

4. He rested his legs and torso on the building to hold his balance. It is physical possible to hold over 30+ seconds in such position as an adult.

5. The bottom window panel would have prevented any interference.


@Yau Tong 08:42am 13.01.2020

A 34 years old man, a construction site worker, has fell from the stairway window between 29th/30th floor of a building at Yau tong ( 油塘高翔苑高康閣 ).

The following are verified facts about the incident: (Source)

1. The man has not been arrested in any of the protests.

2. The man is not a resident of the building.

3. He entered the building at 8:20 am by following someone behind.

4. He entered the lift alone and exited the lift at the 29th floor alone from lift CCTV.

5. He felling out of the window at the staircase window between 29th-30th floor.

6. A shoe print was found at the wall.

7. No report of dispute or loud noise from was heard in the neighborhood.

8. Police report that no suspicious injury has been found on the body.

9. That building is a fireman dormitory and not a policemen dormitory (Source).

A maid from the opposite unit took a video of the fall (original video):

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Professional 3D Reconstruction of the 1.13 Yau Tong Falling Man incident. All evidence points out that suicide is the most likely explanation. 【證據闢謠】 專業3D動畫師重構1.13 油塘墜落者事件。環境與視頻證據都指向自殺是最合理的解釋。




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