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How HK rioters using kids to transport petrol bombs have led to the 12yo runaway's arrestment?

HK Rioters have extensively used under-aged kids to transport petrol bombs and weapons to commit attacks. So when the 12yo kid started to run away in a protest area, she is very suspicious.

Source of Photo: SocREC (Please give them credit for this)

Previous cases where Kids were used to carry weapons (there are actually way more).
  1. 【08.31.2019】A 13 years old was arrested for in possession of 2 petrol bombs during the Prince Edward Protest. (Source)

  2. 【04.10.2019】A 14 years old have assaulted a police officer with petrol bombs and weapons with a group of rioters. (Source)

  3. 【09.01.2020】A 15 years old kid confess on throwing two petrol bombs at police station. (Source)

  4. 【02.05.2020】A 14 years old kid was arrested for in possession of petrol bombs and metal nails. (Source)

The girl refused to cooperate with Police order and started to run away at a Protest area, the Police instinct would be to make the arrest, the following is the full video:

The girl ran away very suspiciously


After the incident, the 12 years old girl was actually well taken care of by the Hong Kong Police Force. Many biased media just excluded this part of the incident.

She was very well taken care of by Police
Although she warps a huge bandage at her elbow, her injury was minor.

i-Cable News footage:

In comparison: On 9 Sept 2020, an Autistic teenager in Utah shot by police after mother calls for help. This much more serious incident never got as much media coverage.






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