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Protester climbs off rooftop by himself, photo shows no Police was near him.

@Portland Street 24.12.2019

A protester climbs off the roof by himself and fell accidentally at Portland Street to avoid arrest and trial for crime. Photo shows that no police was near him when the fall happened.

Protesters where throwing petrol bombs and smashing banks near Mong Kok.

The full consequences of the video can be seen this this following set of photos:

1. The protester climb down the ladder from the roof alone.

2. The protester peeks to see what's below at the edge of the roof alone.

3. The protester climbs across the edge of the roof alone.

4.The protester tries to climbs down the edge of the roof. Also no police was seen nearby.

5. The protester was spotted by reporters and polices on ground level.

6. The protester is struggling to hold on. No police was seen at the roof. He asked people below to help catch him (source).

6. The protester fell off the roof (either he let go or it was accidental). The police only shined a spot light at him as they just discovered him. But he wasn't interfered physically in anyway. Also, he was facing the wall, the light should have minimal impact on him.

8. The protester fell on the ground

9. Polices quickly contacted emergency service.

10. Protester got professional medial attention soon after the event. He was conscious when he got on the ambluance

Full video footage:

Cable TV News coverage:


Pro-protesters are tying to market that the polices where on the roof and forced the protester to jump off. However you can see clearly:

#1 There were no police near him at the rooftop when the protester fell.

#2 The protester decides to climb down the rooftop himself.

#3 The protester tired to ask people on ground level to help catch him.

#4 The police did shine a spot light at him, but he was facing the wall, light should have minimal impact on him.

#5 It is the protester's own decision to put himself in that dangerous position, and he can only blame himself for the fall.

Fake Accusation by protester

A masked Protester have gave fake testimony that the police have fired pepper bullet at the hanging protester, causing this accident. News and videos have revealed it was a total lie.

Please help share the following as much as possible:

@Portland Street 24.12.2019 Photo shows that the protester choose to climb off the roof and fell by himself to avoid getting arrested by police. There were no police near him at the roof when he fell, he put himself in that danger. He was conscious when send to hospital. 照片證實示威者為了逃避追捕,自行嘗試從屋頂爬下,最終意外墮下。照片證明墮下時屋頂並無警察,示威者自己把自己置於危險中。示威者送院時清醒。

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