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Mong Kok 01.02.2020

Destruction and removal of roadside public safety fences by protesters leads to unnecessary tragedy - 24 year old man trips and is killed by oncoming traffic.

At 4:22 am today (February 1), a 24-year-old man suspected of not following traffic signs at the upper site near Nelson Street. He crossed the road across the road from the southbound road map of Nathan Road. When he walked to the road suspected to have been removed by protesters earlier, he tripped over the yellow chain and fell on the road. He was than hit by a taxi carrying 2 passengers.

The Victim suffered serious head injuries and fell on the ground. Polices attempted to rescue him through CPR, but he was still certified dead after arriving at the hospital.

Protesters have destroyed and removed countless traffic lights and safety fences in the past 6 months.




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