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Price Edward 31.08.2019

Rioters disused themselves as civilians after assaulted multiple passengers, including elderly and female on a train. Police than entered the station upon request to conduct the arrest operation on the rioters.

@傳真社FactWire - 15 Sept 2020.

  1. Clearly stated at the home page of our Website, we are a news archive. It is very obvious that many videos listed in our website are not created by us. You made a false assumption that this video was created by us.

  2. We agree with you that both 8.31 and 7.21 are not indiscriminate attack.

  3. We are looking forward for your response on YouTube.

A group of rioters assaulting a elderly with weapons. They tried to stop reporters from filming.

Rioters destroying CCTV cameras within the station to hide their criminal records.




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