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Copenhagen 13.01.2020

Copenhagen's famed Little Mermaid statue was found defaced with pro-Hong Kong graffiti early. This is the third historical figure vandalized and hijacked by Hong Kong Protesters.

@Copenhagen 13.01.2020

Three lines in red, reading “Free Hong Kong” were painted on the rock upon which the bronze sits accompanied with same text written smaller in white.

Hong Kong Protesters have vandalized and hijacked numerous historical artifacts for their own political promotions.

@Central 01.01.2020

Hong Kong protesters used red paint on the historical HSBC Lion which survived the world war. The lion was later set on fire.

@Shibuya City, Tokyo 30.09.2019

The famous Hachiko Memorial Statue, a tribute to a dog and it’s boundless loyalty to its owner, was also disrespectfully hijacked by Hong Kong Protesters for their political agenda.

ABC News coverage:



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