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Festival Walk 10.11.2019

Protestors vandalize stores and got arrested by undercover polices. Rioters attacked the polices in an attempt to help them escape.

The following is a full overview of the event:

1. Protestors vandalizes stores at festival walk

2. Undercover polices arrested the suspects.

3. Rioters arrived and started to assault the polices to help them escape.

4. Riot polices in full gear arrived to help secure the area.

Metal spanner has been used by the rioters to attack the undercover police.

The polices are only trying to secure the arrested suspect, but the rioters initiated the attack to help the suspect run.

More footages of the polices being attacked by a gang of rioters.

A rioter who was trying to make the run was constrained by a group of riot polices. He started bleeding in his head. There are broken glasses on floor next to him which is likely to be a glass bottle thrown by the rioters.

A riot police dispering protestors who are walking upwards in a descending escalator.

Two days prior the event, rioters returned and smashed / burned the shopping mall as retaliation on the police.


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