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Ma On Shan 11.11.2019

57-year-old excavator driver beaten up brutally, poured with suspected flammable liquid and set on fire by a radicals.

Blackclad rioters set a man on fire on Monday in one of the most horrifying incidents since violent protests broke out more than five months ago.

According to a viral video, a man in a green shirt was ignited by a radical protester as he poured what's believed to be inflammable liquid on the victim who had altercated with several masked rioters on a footbridge in Ma On Shan in the New Territories.

During the argument, the man had asked the protesters if they know their Chinese identities, according to the video.

CGTN reporter Zhu Dan spoke with his wife about the pain he and his whole family have suffered since the attack in this exclusive interview.

"Seeing him like this, I can't even talk, neither do my children," said Mrs. Lee, whose husband was seriously burnt and is still in a coma at the hospital with second-degree burns on 50 percent of his body. "He has had a hard life," she said, who never expected anything like this would happen to her family.

Those who spread the rumor that this whole incident was only a stunt was totally irresponsible and cruel.

Even 6 Months after the event, the victim is still suffering from injury. (Source)




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