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Mong Kok 06.10.2019

The artist Celine Ma has been assaulted by protesters for taking photos of them destroying Bank of China ATM machines.

Celine Ma was punched in the face, her head was hit by a glass bottle and also suffered a gang beating with weapons by a group of masked male protesters.

Rumor Check:

Apple Daily have falsely accused Celine Ma has for provoking the protesters by kicking them first by editing the video:

Apple Daily's Edited Version Video edited to mislead viewers to believe Celine Ma started kicking a protester for no reason first (Source)

Full Unedited version Shows clearly Protesters spray painted Celine Ma's face first, so Celine Ma started Kicking to fight back; than she got assaulted further (Source)

The Australian reporter Robert Ovadia, who reveals this truth in his Facebook posts has received online abuses and death threats by protest-supporters.




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