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Truth behind this disinformation photo taken on 25 Aug Tsuen Wan.

HK Protesters creates world-class propaganda.

@25 Aug - Tsuen Wan: a powerful "police brutality" photo was captured and spread.

Here's the full story behind the making of this photo.

STEP 1: Break the law and lure out polices

Firstly, HK Protesters will break the law and get polices to come and enforce the law (nothing works better than smashing a police car window).

STEP 2: Provoke the polices

HK Protesters will than aggressively provoke and assault the polices. For example, outnumber them than chase them down and beat them with weapons.

STEP 3: Provoke and push Police towards edge

HK Protesters continue to provoke and escalate as much as possible until police escalates forces or make mistakes.

STEP 3: Stop immediately as Police escalate forces

Once the opportunity has arrived, the violent protester will quickly retreat and "innocent protesters" (dressed as first aids, reporters or civilians) will be in position.

STEP 4: "The Civilian" jumps out and take the hit

The innocent protester will jump out at the middle of the conflict and force the police to make mistakes. Also pro-protesters first aids will be in position to help the victim for good public image.

STEP 5: Find a good camera angle

Reporters will be ready to capture the incident in multiple angles. Just pick the clip that makes the polices look most crazy .

STEP 6: Well done! Now Share video in social media!

Now share it on social media with an emotional tile, than watch everyone condemn the police!

Full news coverage of this incident:

Everyday, HK Protesters provoke polices with intention to create propaganda.

It is very rare to have the whole story caught so clearly in pictures.

We humbly ask you to think twice, there's always more about a story.

Links to the unedited video and sources:

We also recommend the following reads:

The New York Times - Fred Chan Ho-fai:

South China Morning Post - Linda Lew:



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