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Sheung Shui 13.11.2019

A 70-year-old man has died from his injust after being hit in the head with a brick during a clash with masked protesters. He was only filming with his phone.

As shown in the footage, the incident appeared to show two groups throwing rocks at each other. The man was seen walking slowly towards the front of the conflict before he was struck down by an object. He did not appear to be throwing anything at the time of the incident.


It has been confirmed that brick hit the victim from the front.

When the women who threw the brick behind him, he is already on the floor.

The victim, 70, was hit in the head by a brick when filming what was happening with his phone. He was knocked down to the ground and fell unconscious. The death was announced late Thursday at hospital. May he rest in peace.

Hong Kong residents pay tribute to an elderly man who died Thursday from head injuries after being hit by a brick hurled by protesters near the North District Town Hall in Sheung Shui, Nov 15, 2019. (PHOTO / CHINA DAILY)



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