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Tai Po Mega Mall 26.12.2019

Protesters prevent restaurants from doing business through occupying seats and messing up their stores.

Protesters messing with tableware of a restaurant at Tai Po Mega Mall (seriously, I don't know why they think this is protesting...[Face Palm]).

Protesters occupying tables without ordering food, smashing Starbucks and preventing other restaurants from doing normal business.

Protesters have caused chaos in Moko, Harbour City, SOGO and V City. Full Cable TV news coverage:

As usual, because the protesters are causing chaos in the shopping malls first, therefore the Police have to go in to enforce the law.

Note: I know I'm suppose to express my personal opinion in this website, but I really don't know how they could think this would help archiving their demands... [Face Palm]. They are just acting like a brunch of local shopping mall bullies.




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