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Why the Taxi driver could not have deliberately ram into the crowd at Sham Shui Po .

@Sham Shui Po - 06.10.2019

While a Taxi is being attacked by a gang of rioters, it suddenly loses control and ramped into a crowd of protesters. The Taxi driver was than dragged out and brutally beaten up by the protesters / rioters. (Full video)

Despite the Taxi Driver has gave testimony that Protesters were attacking him inside the Taxi and causes the Taxi to loses control. Also non-of the incident victims went on to sue him. (Source)

Many still falsely accuses the Taxi Driver of deliberately ramming to justify the brutally beating committed by the protesters.

This article provides facts and evidences on why the Taxi Driver is innocent.

Evidence #1

Protesters have attacked and threaten to kill the driver beforehand. This clearly proves that the Protesters are actively finding ways to stop and attack the Taxi and the Driver.


■ 1.1 - Protesters have intention to hurt the driver way before the ramming happened.

■ 1.2 - The Taxi Driver is aware that if he stop the car, he will be attacked.

■ 1.3 - The Taxi Driver have escaped this attack by driving forward.

This video is taken minutes before the ramming incident.

A group of road blocking protesters attacked the Taxi when it was driving pass them. The Taxi Driver escaped by driving forward at relatively high speed.

The protesters got really angry and started chasing and swearing at the Taxi Driver. One of the protester clearly shouted "Beat that Fu*ker to death!!!" in Cantonese (@00:25 sec ).

Evidence #2

Before the ramming, the Taxi is stationary. This strongly points towards the Taxi Driver do not want to run over people, even he knows he is being hunted down.


■ 2.1 - The Taxi can't be malfunctioning, as it later ramps into the crowd. Also the Taxi Driver was trying to escape from the attackers, so he can't possibly stop there for no reason.

■ 2.2 - Hence Taxi is almost certainly be forced stopped by the crowd of protesters who occupied the entire road.

■ 2.3- This is suggested that the Taxi Driver don't want to run over people even when he is under threat.

Moments before the ramming incident, even when Multiple rioters were smashing the vehicle. The Taxi is at stationary (@00:00 - 00:05 sec ).

A crowd of protesters completely surrounded the Taxi, almost certainly to be the reason why the Taxi Driver has stopped his vehicle.

Evidence #3

I. Front left door of the Taxi is opened when multiple Protesters are smashing it. II. The door also closed unnaturally when the Taxi just started accelerating. These strongly point towards that protesters have already entered the vehicle and is attacking the Taxi Driver.


■ 3.1 - Protesters have intention to hurt the driver (from 1.1), and they are also in the process of attacking the Taxi. As the door is already opened; it is highly likely that protesters have already entered the car and was still attacking the driver. Taxi Driver unlikely to use the front left door (as it is away from the driver's side).

■ 3.2 - When the Taxi just started moving, before it gains momentum; the door slams shut unnaturally. Someone must have closed the door manually.

■ 3.3 - It is physically impossible for the Taxi Driver to be in control of the car and close the door away from the driver side at the same time.

■ 3.4 - The Taxi Driver is dressed in RED. If it is the Taxi diver's hand reaching for the door, the video will pick it up. On the other hand, protesters commonly are dressed in black which are harder to see on the poor quality video.

This clip is taken moments before the ramming incident. Three protesters are attacking the exterior of the Taxi. The front left door is already opened, likely someone already got inside and is attacking the Taxi Driver too.

You can see the door slam shut unnaturally when when the Taxi just started to accelerate. Someone at the co-driver seat must have closed it, and it is almost certainly a protester.

Full non-cropped video:

Evidence #4

I. The Taxi could have ram forward into protesters and make the run at the same time. II. However, the Taxi rammed into the left in a very non-intentional manner. These very strongly point towards that the Taxi is out of control during the ramming incident.


■ 4.1 - If the Taxi Driver is in control and really wanted to ram into people, why would won't him just go forward? He have sucessfully escaped by going forward before (1.3).

■ 4.2 - The most probably explantion: The Taxi Driver stepped on the gas pedel accientally while a protester is pulling the steering wheel from the co-driver seat, casuing the car to turn left.

Evidence #5

Shortly after the moment of impact (less than 16 seconds), three protesters are getting of the Taxi. This very strongly point towards those protesters are already in the car during the crash. One at the front seat, two at the back seat.


■ 5.1 - For such a short amount of time, it is doesn't make sense for 3 people opened the door, enter the car, than quickly get out of the car again.

■ 5.2 - The door was seen to be closed during the moment of impact.

This following video shows the full timeline of the ramming incident. After the car has crashed, protesters rushed towards the taxi. Opens the door, than rescue the protesters inside the taxi.

The first protester is exiting the taxi backwards, heavily assisted by someone outside of the Taxi. He is almost certainly suffering from the impact of the crash.

If he really got inside the Taxi after the crash, he should be the last one to get inside, he should be able to get of the taxi easily (without assistant, like the other two).

How the videos are sync (there might be 1 - 2 second of deviation).

Full video links (widely available on the internet):

Evidence #6

The first protester was facing backwards and needed assistant when getting out of the Taxi, he walked directly away from the scene . This very strongly point towards that protester at the front seat knows he is guilty of contributing to the accident. He is likely to be at the co-driver seat during the crash.


■ 6.1 - If he got into the Taxi after the crash, he have no reason to leave the scene in a hurry.


■ 6.2 - He left the Taxi facing backwards with plenty of assistant. Other people are basically carrying him out of the Taxi. The most probable explanation is that he is still in shock from the car crash.

Full video here:

Evidence #7

I. No one have pressed charged against the Taxi Driver. Not the Police and not any of the incident victims. II. There were hundreds of witlessness, none of them step-up to sue. This very strongly points towards that people around the crash site saw protesters where inside the Taxi during the ramming.


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@深水埗 06.10.2019 的士司機被圍毆事件,視頻證實出車禍時車上有三個暴徒正在攻擊司機。暴徒落車後迅速逃離現場。請轉發本信息還司機清白。 @Sham Shui Po 06.10.2019 There where three protesters attacking the Taxi Driver when it loses control. A protester fled the scene immediately as soon as he get off.



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